Fleche prototype hull

The concept
Other ideas


(Build sequence from December 2005 to August 2006)

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  • construction of foils: centreboard (above) and rudder (below)

  • they have a foam core, a central carbon fibre spar, carbon fibre reinforcement around the edges, and are covered with glassfibre cloth applied with epoxy resin

  • construction of the centreboard box from marine ply and expanded polystyrene

  • construction of a jig to support construction of the hull

  • panels added to provide a surface on which to build up the foam core

  • completed central plywood stringer, with rudder mounts at the back, centreboard box, a vertical tube for optional windsurfing rig, and a horizontal tube at the front end for optional bowsprit

  • core built up from 5cm-thick panels of expanded polystyrene
  • initial rough shaping of the core

  • final shaping of the upper deck area
  • layers of glassfibre cloth laid dry over core - 3 layers in main deck area and 2 elsewhere

  • epoxy resin added to wet the glassfibre layers

  • side tubes added

  • additional coat of epoxy resin

  • after shaping, 2 layers of glassfibre cloth were laid on undersurface and epoxy resin added

  • central ridge built up with foam in front of and behind the centreboard box

  • initial shaping of centreline ridge

  • foam fillet added between the ridge and underside

  • two layers of glassfibre cloth laid on with epoxy resin

  • mast made from curving aluminium tube 1.25" outside diameter with spiral layers of carbon fibre tape laid in different orientations along the mast with epoxy resin

  • two additional layers of glassfibre cloth/epoxy resin added to the edges of hull for reinforcement

  • filler coat added to underside of hull - not yet sanded

  • upper ends of A-frame joined, and top mast bracket added

  • front bracket for mast made from stainless steel plate

  • sanding of underside in progress

  • working out optimal dimensions for mast and A-frame

  • fitting bracket to nose of craft with wire lacing around underside of nose tube
  • additional layers of glassfibre cloth/epoxy resin added over bracket feet

  • deck graphics

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