The concept
Other ideas

So far, the Transition Rig concept has been developed for smaller craft such as kayaks, canoes, windsurfers, and dinghies. However, I have also proposed that Transition Rig modules could be fitted to larger ships to provide wind assistance, a concept I call the Big Rig. I am currently working on a folding rig that can be deployed by the press of a button - an automatic version - for a proposed catamaran.


This is a 2 sq m version of the Transition Rig which can be folded into a small bundle when not in use. For more details, click here...


This is very similar to the kayak rig. There is more information here.


This version has gone through many evolutionary changes. More details here...


The dinghy versions include one that allows shape changes while sailing. Most require manual deployment, but I am currently working on a version that is raised and lowered by electric motors with the aim of automating the rig. Further details here...

Big Rig

This is a proposal to fit Transition Rig modules to provide wind assistance to larger ships such as tankers and bulk carriers. More...

Auto Rig

This is the current project - to develop fully-automated folding rigs for a proposed catamaran. I have developed a quarter-scale model to illustrate the concept, and I am currently making a larger version to test on the water. More information and a video here...

(My thanks to Roger Dean for his kind permission to use one of his designs as the sail graphic.)

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