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Other ideas

During development of the Transition Rig, other related ideas have cropped up, and they are summarised here.



Concept Boat competition

I have made two entries into this competition:

Transition Dinghy

This was entered for the 2002 Concept Boat competition. It is a dinghy with a folding mast and sail. Most of the proposed features have since been incorporated in the dinghy shown in the video on another page.

The design was short-listed, but did not win.


I entered this design for the 2005 Concept Boat competition. The brief was to design a craft for family fun. Flèche is intermediate between a sailboard and a dinghy, and light enough to carry on top of a car. It has an innovative double-skinned sail which can be quickly folded away.

Flèche won the Concept and Design category, and a full-sized prototype has been made and tested.

Ornithopters - flapping wing aircraft

Flapping wings provide both lift and propulsion. We still have a lot to learn about how they work. I have been fascinated by flapping wings since childhood, and have made many ornithopter models over the years. Flapping wings inspired me to develop the Transition Rig, and as I learn more about variable-geometry sailing rigs I am applying that knowledge to the further development of flapping wing aircraft.


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