Fleche prototype sail

The concept
Other ideas


This sail is unusual in having two membranes - on most points of sail the membranes are in contact with each other, but sailing downwind the membranes can be opened so that the sail takes on the form of a spinnaker.


  • making paper template for sail

  • cutting out plastic film for both sail membranes

  • joining film using spinnaker nylon on each side and sewing the seam

  • adding reinforcements to each corner and the trailing edge of each membrane

  • adding batten liners from nylon

  • adding reinforcing tape along trailing edge

  • two identical membranes

  • add webbing with velcro for batten tensioner

  • outer batten sleeve - doubling back the outer end

  • and fixing with double-sided tape

  • preparing velcro tape

  • positioning velcro over doubled outer end of batten sleeve ready for stitching in place

  • applying double-sided tape to edges of batten sleeve

  • sticking and stitching in place

  • adding reinforcement at the front end of each batten pocket

  • preparing mast sleeve - outer layer doubled back at each end and lining from spinnaker nylon

  • attaching mast sleeve to leading edge of one sail membrane

  • attaching other membrane to sleeve

  • basic structure of the sail now complete - eyelets and battens will be added next

  • sail rigged on mast and hull

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